‘You are Bitter Life Is Not Working for You,’ Jalang’o, Kibe Tear Each Online


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Comic and radio presenter Phelix Odiwuor and masculinity cognoscente Andrew Kibe have been embroiled in an unending mano-a-mano on Instagram for the last couple of days

With speculations rife that Kibe has been disgruntled ever since Jalas took his spot on Kiss 100’s Breakfast show, their strife was exacerbated when Kibe criticized Jalang’o over ‘mitumba man’; who became an overnight celebrity for his viral videos while selling clothes in Kisumu.

According to Kibe, Mayau (Mtumba man), didn’t deserve to be interviewed by Jalas on his show. He added that the guy was just on clout chasing spree and Jalang’o was aiding this.

“Jalas wacha ushenzi, whoever is producing the show for you anakutupisha mbaya,” said Kibe

Jalas responded in the comment section by defending Mayau saying the mtumba man was just trying to earn a living in a creative way.

“Guy just found a way to hustle and put food on his table, did you watch the whole story ama uliona amevaa kaa dame uka press next? Crossdressing for entertainment or marketing is not a new thing!”

He added,

“Yes I hear you but hustle lazima iendelee! As we speak sahii mtumba guy just got life-changing deals that will see him move a step from poverty! Nadhani wewe hujawahi sota vizuri! Siku utasota poa ,wich I hope you dont , wewe utavaa hata dera! Lambistic!!” a miffed Jalas signed off

Not to easily be neutralized, Kibe has now claimed that Jalang’o has unleashed his female brigade on him.

Kibe claims that the attacks on him by Jalang’o’s female friends are making him (Jalang’o) look weak.

 “Wherever you are imagining madem wako hapa wanakutetea, madem wako hapa wanasema wachana na Jalas wetu yeye ni mtu mzuri anasaidia watu wengi. Madem wanakutetea buda, men when we were growing up mdem anakutetea men you would look like the puniest individual. Ambia madem wako wasikuje kukutetea kwa sababu it makes you look weak,” said Kibe.

He has further asked the comedian to face him directly and call out his name when the two have an issue.

“Wacha kusema ati if mtu ako out there and bitter,,, use names, hii game huchezwa na majina it is sweet when you use names because that we can work with. Mimi nikiona makosa mahali I will not keep quiet I will say it and if you do not like it then you in the wrong place,” he said.

His rants come after Jalang’o yesterday advised him, albeit indirectly to stop focusing on other people’s work and start working on making his projects work.

“Don’t be bitter with everyone. If your stuff isn’t working out, that’s a ‘you’ problem. Don’t start looking at what is working for other people and start discrediting them. Forget other people and work on bettering your little project. Whatever someone is doing, let them do it whichever way they want to stop focusing on people,” said Jalang’o.