Viagra For Who When Watermelon and These Other Foods Can Make You a Bedroom Bully?


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Thanks to the stresses that come with the fast-paced modern life, many men (even in the younger age bracket)are battling infertility, erectile dysfunction, and a loss of libido.

This consequently lays a heavy burden on their psychological health and leads to relationship problems.

There are many medications that can treat these conditions, but what if there are natural ways to combat these conditions or keep them at bay and which can help you regain your virility.

So what cudgels intimacy drive in men in the first place? A few top reasons include;

Excessive weight

Poor diet

Little to no exercise

Poor sleep habits


Overconsumption of caffeine and alcohol

Unhealthy relationships

There are foods that have immense aphrodisiac properties. If you make these foods a part of your virility diet, you will soon notice a difference.

Kenya’s gold- Avocado

Loved by Kenyans, it comes in handy for ‘hustlers’ during meals like Sukuma and Githeri. But did you know that it adds more than nutritional value?

Avocado is packed with healthy fats, vitamin B6 and folic acids which help fuel the body and increase energy. Vitamin B6 is known to help hormone production in men, which is key for a strong sex drive.

Oysters: It is a rich source of zinc, which improves blood flow and stimulates testosterone production. This is perfect to boost your libido.

Watermelon: A rich source of citrulline, it stimulates nitric oxide production and increases blood flow to your shaft

Bananas: They’re rich in potassium and B vitamins like riboflavin, bananas are a good way to keep up a man’s testosterone production.

Freshwater fish: Some freshwater fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids!

Cherries: Red, blue, and purple berries remove free radicals from arteries, relaxing them and improving blood flow. This helps you achieve and maintain an erection.

Garlic: It boosts blood flow to your manhood by increasing nitric oxide production and relaxing blood vessels. Add this to your daily food.

Milk Products: They offer a natural way to boost red blood cells in the bloodstream, an important cell for oxygen distribution. Also, rich in protein, potassium, calcium, sodium, and helps to boost sex drive and orgasm.

Nuts: You wanna nut? Eat nuts. Your sperm will be active and healthy!

Chilli Peppers; Why do you think West African men have been confusing Kenyan babes since Independence? The spice in chili peppers contains capsaicin, which dilates blood vessels, and promotes blood circulation.