Terryanne Chebet Opens Up on Why They ‘Dumped’ Maribe and Fate of ‘Girls’ Squad’


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Anti-socialism German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck once remarked that “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Former TV journalist turned vlogger Jacque Maribe gave a candid interview last year where she opened up on how a flourishing career and love life came tumbling like an abode of cards in an unfortunate sequence.

In the one on one with Carole Mandi of True Love Magazine, Maribe spoke about a myriad of issues from her relationship with her baby daddy, comedian Erick Omondi to her breakup with her erstwhile heartthrob Jowie Irungu.

Another issue stood out- the revelation that her once admirable ‘girls squad’ that stirred envy, elicited awe, and became a source of reference was nothing but a sandy castle that was washed into oblivion the moment the slightest whiff of tides and waves came ashore.

Girls Squad to the gullible public was ‘Friendship goals,’ but which Maribe subtly threw under the bus as a clique of ‘fake wenches.’ It comprised -Kirigo Ngarua, Terryanne Chebet, Monica Kiragu, and Shix Kapienga.

This clique inundated our social media timelines with photos of the performance they called ‘friendship’; dolled up, cuddled up at exquisite paces, always showing up at each other’s parties- a lense that was aided and abetted by tour companies

Well, that was until the weak glue that held them together was put under fire and it came melting like wax- a demise that underscored what most ‘girls squads are- unholy matrimony of fake, pretentious vipers who are brought together by the love for liquor, glitz, show-off and moneyed men but who will not hesitate to turn into snitches or bolt out the moment trouble or misfortune beckons.

Maribe claims her buddies scrammed faster than Usain Bolt the moment she faced trouble when she and her then-fiancé Jowie were arrested over the murder of businesswoman Monica. She was held in Langata Women’s prison for 18 days

In her own words: “People I thought I was very close to. I even heard that some did public statements, disassociating themselves from me. People we were seen on holiday with. Being told we’re squad goals and things like that. I will be very honest with you, I have like two female friends to date who stood by me from the beginning,” Maribe told Mandi.

And now one of them, Media personality and Entrepreneur Terryanne Chebet has opened up on why they are no longer close

She started by clarifying that the Gir’s squad still exits but they are less now even though Maribe still joins them from time to time

“Maribe is my best friend and I will always love and have her back but right now we have given each other space- but I believe one day we will rekindle our friendship,”

She added that contrary to what was being peddled around, they were there for Maribe and were hurt when word was being spread around that they were not there


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“Yes, we took a back seat following a lot of things that were said but at the beginning, when she was going through tough times, we were there,” she reiterated

(Watch her speak to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japani in the video above)

And my advice to women who are still fixated on these groups- real life is not Tyler Perry’s Sisterhood, Sex, and the City, or Waiting to Exhale- not all squads are fake. If yours ain’t, good for you. But most are.

Most are just them are pseudo friendships bereft of purposes, ingenuity, decency, honesty or empathy. You have one who borrows clothes from the entire group but hardly returns them, one who is always asking for monetary bailout, the other who is in your man’s DM, another is always trying to show that she is better than the rest, another who hardly likes any of you – these BFF battalions are often a mess!

Understand from Maribe’s group who bolted on her during her tribulations that the idea of having a tightly knit group of ride-or-die girlfriends is a luxury for a few, and a myth for many.

Woke culture’s obsession with hashtag ‘GirlSquad, can make you feel left out and insecure as if there’s something wrong with you, but it should make us question the way we misconstrue how friendships work. You can have friends without having an entourage.

Friendships, like any relationship, takes effort and emotional investment, so it makes sense if it’s easier to cultivate rapports one-on-one rather than spreading yourself thin and trying to do five people in one.

Interrogate your friendships and see if they are hinged on these fundamental pillars: Acceptance- we choose friends based on mutual appreciation, despite sometimes differing in life views and values. In life, we are constantly feeling judged or held to certain standards and thus friends are those who take us for who we are with our flaws.

Trust- Trusting someone else puts yourself in a vulnerable position. You open up, share secrets, feel safe, and relaxed. You have to wholeheartedly believe that they won’t hurt you. That is why a friendship has to be built on fundamental ideals- not just meeting for alcohol or by virtue of working for the same organization. It has to be more grounded than that.

Support- Aristotle says of friendship; “in poverty as well as in other misfortunes, people suppose that friends are their only refuge.” 

A fair-weather friend disappears during the dark times (i.e. when we’re sick, going through a tough time at home or work) and reappears when the fog clears.

It is also paramount to know that to have a great friend, be one! And allow me to end on a cliché: quality over quantity



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