Pregnant and Broke? How Marrying Struggling Musician Changed Verah Sidika


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Love. The most blissful kind of insanity one can experience. And true love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.

And when it happens, it transforms.

Socialite Verah Sidika has caught the love bug and after sipping from the cup of Eros, her dresses are hitherto longer and her tummy, rounder.

Take a seat, a brief background would suffice.

Born in 1989, joined Kenyatta University in 2009 for a degree in Art and Design. Then while in Campus, she met a sponsor, a rich divorcee.

“He was also older than me. He treated me so well and did a lot of things for me and did not like that I was in the modeling industry hustling here and there working. I was also living very far from him, on Thika road, which was near my university. So it got to a point where he said, ‘As my girlfriend, I want to help you.”

She claimed that she gave him her loyalty and affection and he reciprocated by showering her with money and gifts.

“He gave me money. A lot of money. You cannot have a rich and successful man and you are looking jaded and broke. He would give me money for shopping. To say the truth, that is money, I had never seen in my entire life! He would give me money and it would shock me.”

Why waste hours listening to old boring lecturers, getting migraines trying to meet assignment dealines, and getting entangled with rugged campus boys when you can ‘fwok’ your father’s agemates for money?

So she dropped out. Her first shot at fame was when she was featured as a vixen in 2012 on P-Unit’s song called ‘You Guy.’

While the P-Unit video was filled with women, Vera got the lead role for Prezzo’s single ‘My Girl’ two years later.

Then she was cast in the salacious, Nairobi diaries TV series that aired on K24 from December 2015. The original cast of the show was comprised of famous personalities on social media such as Sylvia Njoki (fashion stylist), Gertrude Murunga (NGO ambassador), Ella Ciru (actress and musician), and Vera Sidika.

In an Instagram post in February 2016, Vera announced her resignation from the show calling it cheap and below her standards.

It is around the same time that fellow street rat, Pendo ratted out Verah for sleeping with Nigerian Musician, Davido

The two tried to brag about their experiences with the star with Pendo exposing how she snuck into his hotel room on his last tour of Nairobi. Vera had apparently met Davido earlier, and she thought they had something going until Pendo ‘snatched him.’

Vera was also involved in a fight with Nigerian actor Mike Ezuruonye over Huddah Monroe after he said he’d choose Huddah over Vera any day.

The dramatic Sidika who served nudes and scandals is gone. In her place is a more demure wife and mother to be…All thanks to little known Coast-based artist- Brown Mauzo

“I have completely settled down. This is completely a new Vera Sidika and well,”

So smitten that she relocated to her childhood Mombasa setting to make a fresh start. She has positioned herself more or less as a businesswoman and has expressed her desire to be a leader and mentor

“I am no longer the socialite girl, and I don’t want anyone to view me that way anymore. That is now in my past and whatever is in my past stays there. Life comes in different stages—those who want to remain behind with all that then good for them. I have moved on to more serious things in life. I am more mature now and more into an investment,”

Well, aside from being an escort to politicians and moneyed tycoons, here are men she dated publicly before settling with Mauzo

First, it was Yommy Johnson a Nigerian based in Dubai. Vera and Yommy appeared to be head over heels until their relationship went south and Yommy accused Vera of cheating and aborting his child. Vera on the other hand accused her lover of physical assault leading to her miscarriage.

Yommy revealed that he dumped Vera after she aborted his baby and discovered that she was sleeping around with Nigerian men.

“I met Vera for the first time in early September 2016. I contacted her about her services as an escort and she told me that she charges Sh500,000.  We spent five days together and later, we kept in touch.

She requested if I could host her birthday party in Dubai and I agreed.  We decided to start dating and things were all good until last November when I bumped into her phone only to find out she was chatting with clients from Nigeria and negotiating prices for her services.

She also had pictures of herself with a Kenyan politician,” Yommy said.

Her most recent breakup was with Tanzanian doctor, Jimmy Chansa who she dated for seven months and many had hopes that maybe the two might settle down together. Likely of Vera, she came forward and revealed that her relationship with Chansa was toxic.

Not much is known about Dr. Badmus Tommy Daniel. However, it is in the public domain that Dr. Badmus is a Nigerian-based gynecologist and a former model.

Then she met Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown whom she dated for about six months. Vera was criticized for ‘punching below her weight’ and the two broke up on social media shortly after the singer dedicated a love song featuring Sidika as the vixen. Vera ended the relationship claiming Otile kept borrowing her money.

Then came the charmer- Mauzo, who has done two songs dedicated to the Veetox founder.

A fan asked her,

“Sis why do you settle for less, In relationships?”

Vera responded, “I have never settled for less because I have been content and genuinely happy in my relationships.”

Vera then asked, “What is settling for less to you? A man that’s not rich? Is a good relationship measured by how rich your man is?”

Giving her own life experience with dating rich men, Vera said she would never want to go back to dating rich men.

“I have dated millionaires, billionaires, etc., you name it. So, been there, done that. I know how that world looks like,” she said.

“I would never want to do that to myself. My freedom and happiness comes first. Is it life when all your man can offer is material things? And track all your moves, asks you to delete social media, disconnects you from friends, and controls your life?”

She added, “Emotionally unavailable, only thinks money solves everything, disrespects u because they feel like they own u, are unavailable coz they are too busy for u, ai! That life apana!

“The only small happiness you get is going shopping, but once you get home, you stare at those items & still be lonely as f***!”

She concluded, “Imagine being in a relationship but feeling so single! In fact, single people enjoy coz they go on dates. This is misery!”

So yes, she ditched sucking old, wrinkled shafts for money when she met bedroom bully, Mauzo.

But at what cost? Is she still able to sustain her lifestyle?

Last week, she was embroiled in an online spat with Akuku Danger over Sh5k. Five thousand only!

Akuku claimed that Vera was to pay him Sh15,000 but paid only Sh10,000 before her security team bundled him out of the party.

Vera has sought to set the record straight claiming the Sh5,000 Akuku is claiming is mere pocket change!

Through a lengthy post, Vera stated that she spent quite an amount during the gender reveal party and the comedian was unprofessional to go on a rant on social media.

The businesswoman went ahead to reveal that she spent a whooping Sh105,000 on water which went for Sh1,500 per bottle.

“To think that Sh5000 is anything…That is not even my call credit. My PA has my M-Pesa pin and he pays everyone in full before they set foot out of their house.

“Water alone cost me a whooping Sh105,000…Sh1500 per bottle for 70 of them. Water that can’t even be found on supermarket shelves. You have to order via a website,” she said.

Vera claimed Akuku was shocked to find expensive vehicles at the parking lot, something that made him want his balance settled immediately.

And Verah who used to be paid just to show her face at clubs and events is now hosting gigs in bars. Imagine a pregnant Sidika playing MC at a bar- the purse must be dwindling

Well, at the end of the day, it is legit hustle. Much more dignified than hoeing in the name of a socialite.

Broke men still win. Thank you Mauzo for getting her off the streets. Lesson to young women who envy socialites, that life is not sustainable in the long run. It is transient.


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