Nick Odhiambo Wipes the Floor with Amber Ray in Scathing Post (Screenshots)


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In a world where truth is met with hysteria and bland feminism tantrums, it is absolutely thrilling to see some bold souls who dare pummel the wokies with comic reality

One such bloke is Radio host and comedian Nick Odhiambo-he does give some Kenyan version of mean comedy; you know, our very own Bill Burr or Bill Maher – the two American humorists that have a way of incorporating their staunch viewpoints with a satirical angle.

Yesterday, Nick took a swipe at the self –knighted President of second wives (though both marriages ended in a fountain of tears) Amber Ray. Nay, that was not a swipe, it was one hell of a well calculated and executed smite.

The Hot 96 Presenter shared a photo of Amber lying suggestively on a bed, flesh bare, and captioned it,

A rare picture of a socialite in their office/natural habitat awaiting next assignment.”

He implied that socialites ply their trade in bed and their modus operandi is coitus for a fee. And that Amber was waiting for who next to shtup for mullah.

Amber tried to keep her responses to Nick classy but come on, class is not earned through one-night stands or into marrying functionally illiterate wealthy scammers.

“I think I’m the nicest rudest most caring nonchalant idgaf person you will ever meet,” she wrote.

First of all, punctuation matters.

Another of her responses was a warning.

“One thing people gotta understand about extremely kind, nice, loving people…is that their other side is just as extreme. Good morning world.”

Nick simply wrote the obvious. There are many nature bluff and disasters. One often ignored is the combination of a fat nyash and light skin mounted on a pea sized-brain. It is as deadly as Rona

Amber and her cohorts are not, by any shot, anything near socialites. They are women who spend their youth preening like peacocks and vaunt nothing but fake lifestyles they cannot personally sustain without riding a wrinkled shaft; when people cannot marvel at your cerebral wherewith or service to humanity, that is when you will resort to eliciting lust, awes and likes by flaunting nudity.

Born Faith Makau before she found that name too boring for the streets, Ray is the ex-wife of Politician Zaheer Jhanda. He married her as a second wife for three years, but wifey duties ain’t for farm tools and can be limiting especially for someone who would rather pose nude and dance on Tiktok

Oh, who is Jihanda? He hit the headlines in 2018 after detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations listed him among the prominent individuals suspected to have swindled the United Arab Emirates royal family hundreds of millions.

He is the man said to have been the link between the Royal family in Dubai and the supposed gold sellers in a massive fake gold scandal. Mr. Zaheer Jhanda is said to have posed as the fake personal assistant to Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi’

Amber’s affair and consequent marriage was leaked by his then estranged first wife Aaliyah Zaheer, who took to Facebook to rant that Amber Ray had gone to a witchdoctor so that she could get love portions to charm her husband

Armed with pictorial receipts, she wrote;

“…to me and my family you are a non-issue apart from this time you have done the unbelievable at your age you can resort to witchcraft. Ladies beware…”, read part of her post.

Amber, who started out as a video vixen (don’t they all start out that way) denied using witchcraft to ensnare Jhanda, claiming the picture was taken as part of a movie she was acting in. Who saw the movie though, the title?

Her ex-cowife went revealed,

“I only got to know about the alleged affair after my trip to China, when my neighbors and sons told me that a strange lady has been visiting our matrimonial home while I was away on the trip,” she says. “Prior to these, my family lived happily. My husband is a loving, humble family man and we have not experienced fights before.”

On getting wind of a possible steamy affair, Zaheer decided to confront her husband.

“Initially, he fervently denied before later admitting to having had an affair,” she disclosed.

“I realized that there was a possibility of an affair with a 25-year-old video vixen that he claims he first met at Wilson airport on the set of rapper Prezzo’s video shoot,” she told the Nairobian then

“Soon after she started sending suggestive messages to his phone and I later came to learn that he had even bought her a car and moved her to an upmarket house far away from her Kahawa Sukari home where she previously lived.”

Aliyah added that upon confronting her husband further, he owned up but they resolved the matter.

“He even asked her to return the Toyota Mark X that he had bought her and stopped paying her bills. Later, I sold the car that was registered under his name,”

And in an interesting twist, she claimed she was not against the idea of a co-wife

“We are Muslims, if my husband finds another worthy helper, I will agree to it since he is allowed up to four wives. But I know the young girl’s ways and certainly, she isn’t fit to be my co-wife,”

She alleged that Amber at one time forced herself into their family home compound on Muringa road where she caused a scene and hurled insults in the full glare of the kids and neighbors.

“She has even gone ahead to send me recorded clips of her riding in my husband’s car, sent me a photo of her while wearing my hubby’s innerwear which is insulting, and most recently, I found her shoes in his car,”

However, trouble escalated further when a friend of Amber, who claims they were together at the witch doctor, sent her a photo of Amber in a mganga’s den, holding chickens in a dimly lit room.

“I’m now scared of this lady and what threat she could be posing to my family if she can go to this extent. My husband is a generous giver and I know this young lady is ready to go to any low to keep him so he can fund her flashy ways including visiting a witch doctor. I’m glad I got hold of the exclusive pictures from a close friend of hers who pitied the pain and tribulations I’m going through not only with my family, but my pregnancy too,” she noted then.

“I have challenged her to post more pictures from the movie scene that includes even the crew if indeed she hasn’t gone to a witch doctor which she never did. No one knows her as an actress. She works as an assistant at a photo studio. Such a disconnected coincidence,”

It was not long before Amber and Zaheer ended their marriage

Her reason for ending it with the Kisii politician?

She immediately began dating another married man, ex-rapper, and promoter- Syd.

It was not long before she started sharing pictures of herself with Syd kissing and cuddling during a holiday in Greece.

The exotic trips earned Syd the nickname Santorini within the entertainment circles.

That lasted only two months and then she began dating Coast-based musician Brown Mauzo who is now married to Verah Sidika

Then she hopped to the Chairman of Nairobi Matatu Association-Jamal Rohosafi. And after months of haggling with his first wife, Amira, Jamal is back to sharing videos having breakfast with his first family on Instagram

At the end of the day, Amber Ray is a Hoe. It is like saying Uhuru is the President, lame duck, yes, but he remains the commander-in-chief- of the armed forces. It is called stating facts.

Leave Nick alone, for Satire is not insult.