Nairobi Dens, Where Husbands ‘Pitia’ For Sh2k Massage Before Coming Home


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A high-end neighborhood that also houses Sudan Embassy and other office buildings also cradles a members-only brothel.

The ‘s*x den’ along Kabarnet road serves the haves and the ‘you should know peoples’ cadre in the city and its environs. The place is secluded, has a high wall to keep off peeping Janes and Joes and the security is so top-notch you only access through reservation or invite.

Once inside, the pleasure seeker is inducted to an exotically lit but tastefully furnished and well-stocked bar as music for the big boys like Jazz, Soul or Rhumba wafts into your ears from unseen speakers.

An investigative piece carried by The Nairobian reveals that even on a weekday, the bar that can only have a maximum of twenty is often in full capacity. For a first-timer, it is impossible for one to tell that upstairs is a full-blown brothel, akin to a blue-movie studio

And the girls there are always busy. If you want the services of a specific one, you have to book her in advance. If you have no one specific in mind, still, you will be sorted.

Just inform the Pimp, a well-dressed lady who will then lead the client upstairs to a bevy of lasses, mostly in their late legal teens, clad in lingerie, and then you make your pick

Sex costs Sh10,000 an hour inclusive of room, shower, and a massage.

The article quotes: “Most men walk in, have a drink or two in the bar, go upstairs and come back two minutes later grinning like Cheshire cats. The regulars are famous, including a well-known television news anchor who is said to spend days in the brothel,”

One of the damsels claimed that she can massage up to 10 men.

“I earn Sh2,000 from every man and then if I am good to the man, they can add me more money, and that would be my tip, which I don’t share with management,”

She claimed she is 19 and adds that some of the regulars pay up to a three hours’ fee just to drink with her, with no sex involved.

“I have come to realize that men just want someone who can give them a listening ear. They never talk a lot, but when they do, they want someone to just listen,”



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