Millionaire Buruburu Bishop Who Chewed Househelp and Trafficked Babies


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The prophet Isaiah son of Amoz went to him and said, “This is what the LORD says: Put your house in order, because you are going to die; you will not recover.”

Well, for a whole Archbishop, staying in the morgue for two years because your three wives are haggling over your body and wealth is not biblical, no?

It took two years for a Court, led by Justice Lydiah Achode to finally rule on where the body of Musa Magodo Keya would be buried after a protracted dispute involving his three wives.

The body had been at Umash. Musa is the Archbishop of Magodo Ministries located along Rabai Road in Buruburu estate.

The cradle of the legal mano-a-mano between his three spouses began when the demised man of God married Alice Ingaiza Siahi, his former house help.

He however did not nullify his customary marriage to his first wife Margaret Makungu, or his second wife Glady Nekesa Peter.

Alice the housemaid cum third wife and Gladys, the second one have been fighting in court over who should bury the millionaire pastor.

The Bishop had indicated in his Will to be buried at his Gataka home in Kajiado County but Gladys contested the same, insisting the body should be interred in Kitale where she lives.

And his controversies went beyond ungodly carnal knowledge with his house girl, according to the Nairobian, detectives from Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit raided his church last September following suspicion of baby trafficking at a children’s home under the ministry.

It was claimed vulnerable girls from poor backgrounds were lured to the children’s home with promises of a better life.

Instead, some were sexually exploited, getting pregnant with babies being snatched at birth in an elaborate child trafficking syndicate involving falsifying of birth documents and selling of the newborns. Seven people including Musa’s three children were arrested.

The child trafficking claims emerged as Alice and Gladys battled in court over the right to bury Musa who succumbed to a brain tumor on September 1, 2019.

Gladys was granted court orders restraining Alice from laying Musa to rest at their Gataka matrimonial home.

As the second wife to the deceased, Gladys claimed she had been excluded from burial arrangements. She also sought DNA to be extracted from Musa’s body to determine whether he was the biological father of Alice’s three children.

After a lengthy court case in which several witnesses testified, Alice had her way after the court granted her the right to bury Musa who had four children with Beatrice and one with Gladyss.

In order to kick out his second wife, the Archbishop conspired with an aide and accused her of committing fraud at the church.

Nairobian further quotes Knight Muhonja Magodo, Musa’s daughter sired with his first wife, Margaret, said she knew Alice as their nanny when she was employed in 1994. She was 10-year-old when Alice came to their house. Six years later, things changed when Knight discovered father and house help were having an intimate relationship.

“According to Knight, it was not until the family relocated from Ngon’g to Karen that she noticed that Alice was sleeping in the same room as the deceased. The deceased would later inform her that he wanted Alice as their mother,” Achode says in her judgment.

Gladys told the court she separated from Musa because she could not endure seeing her husband sleep with another woman in the same house at Uhuru Estate.

The woman told the court she was the one who employed Alice in 1994 to take care of the Archbishop’s children. Musa and Alice soon started a relationship that blossomed into marriage as Gladys quit in frustration over her husband’s behavior.

“Sometime in the course of the year 2000, during Gladys’s stay in her matrimonial home, the deceased moved out of the master bedroom he shared with Gladys and moved into the guest bedroom where he commenced an open sexual affair with Alice. Gladys’s attempts to stop the affair were met with violent resistance from the deceased,” said Achode.

Alice bore three children, namely Emmanuel Magodo, Levey Magodo and Manwela Magodo. The trio was arrested last September over child trafficking claims.

“From the narrative that unraveled in the conduct of these proceedings, it appears that the deceased is the author of all the misfortunes which gave rise to this burial dispute. There is no doubt that none of the parties hereto brought upon themselves the confusion that ensued after the deceased’s demise,” observed Justice Achode.

The pastor had invested in real estate in Nairobi, Kajiado, Naivasha, and Nakuru. The family had requested the court to assist them in how the estate should be shared. Achode declined the request, arguing that she was dealing with burial and not succession dispute.

On her part, Margaret, the first wife told the court she only wanted to be recognized as the mother of her four children. She was married in 1984 after Musa paid two head of cattle but was sent packing ten years later when the youngest kid was only two.

“Her children remained in the custody of the deceased and were raised in part by Gladys. She conceded that she did not have a relationship with her children but stated that they had knowledge that she was their biological mother and asked the court to recognize her as such,” said Achode.

Margaret told the court that her husband took her back to her matrimonial home in Webuye abandoning her at her mother’s shop at Kamukuywa market.



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