Meet the Lady Lambaring Female Celebrities in Town


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We were first enamored with her because of her comic skits and in an Industry where people conjure bland wannabe shit and label them as comedy, Mama Kingston stood out as a riveting comedienne

Known as Brendah Jons, she hit the headlines last weekend when during a ‘Four Cousins’ induced rant on Instagram Live rant, she asserted that she was gay. Come to think of it, who gets that wasted on a mere 2k worth of Wine? What happens when they drown a well-distilled bottle of Whiskey or Gin?

But as typical of us Kenyans, we often demand receipts. You would think the Biblical Doubting Thomas came from here- the once so-called British East-African Protectorate

And so Brenda, live on Camera, eyes bulging from an imminent stupor, went ahead to shove her tongue inside the said partner, a camera-shy lanky girl who obviously was being served more than she bargained for- given her body language

And Jons did not just enlighten us of her newfound coital love for her own gender, she went further to lambast a known socialite and beauty products influencer- Phoina

Phoina is known also as Amber Ray’s friend and proprietor of Phoina Hairs.

When she became sober the next day, she had few regrets

Everything I did and said kwa hiyo live…I was very very drunk…yes…but I didn’t lie about anything. My girlfriend cheated on me with @Phoinabeauty.


Both of them are whor*s and I’m not sorry.

As a result, Brendah narrated that she went to the club that her girlfriend was at and beat her and the lady she was cheating with; In an Instagram Live, Jons said she did this at a popular club in town.

“I beat them, I am very sure they have injuries, I beat them with a Shisha bong. I beat them so much and then told my girlfriend ‘Baby talk to me, tell me why you are doing this to me’ and the only thing she said was ‘I need to take alcohol’.”

Jons added that she was allegedly chased out of the club for the violence.

Here are the photos of Lamar who made Jons cry on IG live and fight with a Shisha bong.

Funny how women are turning to ditch men and dating themselves coz men ‘ain’t shyet,’ yet lele relationships are more fraught with violence

Brenda is not the only lele being engaged in the violent drama. Former BBC journalist and Tahidi High actress, Makena Njeri also came out of the closet a few months.

In 2019, Kenyans were treated to drama when a picture of a white Mercedes Benz spray-painted with the words “Makena Cheater” on the side

The car had been said that the car was vandalized by a jilted female lover. She apparently cheated on her partner with a well-known corporate head, Michelle Ntalami.

Speaking to Massawe, she for the first time addressed the issue that went viral.

“Two years ago my story was told by people before I could. I sat down and said that the reason why it hurt was that people told my story.

I don’t know who did it but the police are still investigating who vandalized my Mercedes Benz. I will not look back at the bad things that happened. Every day we try our best to move on, forward.”

This year, Noti Flow and her girlfriend have shown the world that they aren’t afraid to declare their love for all and sundry to see.

Popular actress Njambi, real name Njeri Gachomba, also last week revealed that she is a member of the LGBTQ community. She is best known for her act on Real House helps of Kawangware.

Then there’s Lucas Kz who is not seeing one but two women at the same time

But while the women above have bravely come out to declare their love for their fellow women, there are many other female celebs who are living the life but keeping it incognito.

There’s the case about a pretty content creator who was found in her marital bed with two other female musicians by her doting hubby. This was despite a helicopter ride engagement and fancy wedding to boot

After that, the couple would silently go their separate ways although they had just gotten a child together!

Another case that comes to mind is about a certain female musician, great rap music, dreads, does not shy away from dressing like a stud and reportedly always has the prettiest women swooning around her whenever she enters a joint- so much so that some men she has taken their girls have threatened to shoot her

Another instance involves a triumvirate of popular female celebs who always declare their love for each other on social media.

They even take girl’s trips alone together but the rumour is that their relationship is more than meets the eye and might be intimate

Another involves a prominent actress who came out as gay on her social media this year. The mother of 2 allegedly had an affair with another female celeb who had her n*des leaked a few years ago.

Yeah, the feminized entertainment world