Kiambu Man Who Shot Wife was Impotent, Wife Impregnated By Worker


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When Jonathan Mukindi, 42 met Philomena Njeri, 30 at a club, he was smitten.

Photos of the late that have since littered social media clearly elucidate why; she was a stunning woman who was plum in all the right places and wore an effortless smile as her best accessory

The first five years of their marriage was blissful, he took her to exquisite places and hosted lavish parties often attended by top flying businessmen and politicians, and among those called upon to entertain the guests was Mugithi Maestro- Samidoh

But Njeri wanted more. The money and good life felt empty without a child of her/their own- therein marked the genesis of their woes

Some sources claim Mukindi, 42, didn’t want children and Njeri became desperate for a family.

Another friend has allegedly told a local media that he was incapable of siring children but never told her he was impotent. They even tried IVF. He knew it wouldn’t work. When she became pregnant, he knew she had a secret lover and he couldn’t live with the knowledge of betrayal.

Friends and neighbors were shocked on Tuesday when police discovered the two. They had been married for six years.

Mukundi worked with insurance companies and bought vehicles that had been written off. He sold the spare parts, a friend said.

The spare parts business turned out to be very lucrative and was being run by his wife Njeri as he focused on other businesses. Soon enough, he moved to a maisonette that sits on a large parcel of land extending to a stream that is well secured with a heavy metal gate, security cameras, and 12 German Shepherd dogs.

Close friends and workers in the home said the happy situation started deteriorating badly in the sixth year of their marriage.

They frequently argued, and sometimes it was heated and it was always centered on their childlessness.

According to the police report, Mukundi, a licensed gun holder, shot his wife three times in the head before turning the gun on himself.

But relatives and friends have continued to give different accounts.

“He has two children and an ex-wife who live outside the country, so he did not want any more children but Njeri wanted children very much,” neighbor Joseph Kamau said.

A close friend of the couple confirmed Mukundi has two children and a wife in Belgium. He also said that Njeri was pregnant but it was through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and not from another man.

The friend said trouble started after Mukundi discovered that Njeri had an affair with one of her workers at a spare parts shop she ran in Mlolongo area.

“Mukundi had opened the shop for his wife who secretly opened another shop for her secret lover in the same area,” he said.

Another neighbor who did not want to be named said Mukundi was furious when he discovered his wife was pregnant. He never told her he couldn’t sire children.

“He called a friend in whom he had confided earlier. He told him Njeri was pregnant and he was not the father.

“He was so furious that he threatened to harm himself or his wife,” the neighbor said.

“When the friend tried calling him back, he was not picking up. It was too late,” he added.

Kamau said Mukundi had just returned to the house recently after a brief separation and the couple was together on Monday evening.

“Mukundi was drunk and had an accident near their home. He was drunk most of the time and would sometimes get involved in minor accidents,” he said.

Kiambu DCIO Dennis Wekesa confirmed the couple had separated for two months before the murder-suicide.

Wekesa said Mukundi had been trying to reach Njeri on the phone, hoping to reconcile, and on Monday, the two met for lunch.

In the evening, as they were going their separate ways, Mukundi hit a nearby wall and called Njeri back to take him home. His driver took the car to the Kiambu police station.

“They agreed to go to the station the following day to sort the issue and we believe that is why Njeri spent the night at the home,” he said.

Kiambu Town OCPD Mohammed Badel said a maid contacted the police around 6pm on Tuesday. She said she had been knocking on their door but there had been no response since morning when she arrived for work.

“Immediately we got the distress call, we entered the house and went to the bedroom, which was locked from the inside,” Badel said. They knocked for a while and decided to break down the door

The bodies were found inside their bedroom, which had been locked from inside.

Based on the bodies’ condition, the shootings had occurred about 10 hours before, Badel said.


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