Is Pro Polygamy Woman Rep Cohabiting With Married Man After Ruto’s Guy Dumped Her?


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She thrives in chaos like a pirate who gets kicks from the turbulent seas.

One would be forgiven to think she is a Nollywood actress who must stay in the limelight at all costs to earn the attention of Directors, even if it means eating, breathing, heck- even making love to controversy

A one-time nominated MCA before she became a Member of Parliament, Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Wanjiku has engaged in physical brawls, verbal mano-a-mano, and scandals more times than a down town tart- please bear in mind that all these,  despite the fact that she studied Theology(Yap, she is a Pastor- oh, ought to have been)

There is no gainsaying that Waruguru is also a beautiful woman, with her hazel complexion and a radiant smile which exposes her gorgeous dental formation – a smile I must add, she unleashes like the covid vaccine- to only the priority groups

Whenever she waxes lyrical, especially in her native Kikuyu language, she blooms into a full-blown political goddess – one who stirs the souls of every ear – rich, poor, influential, and regular.

But it was her escapade in July of 2018 in Kericho that brought her to the public limelight. Together with her now ex-husband, they were kicked out of a Kericho hotel on account of the lack of a marriage certificate.

Waruguru had accompanied her husband to Kericho, to visit her inlaws when the incident ensued.

If only the management knew what storm that move would brew! Waruguru made it a national conversation about marriage and constitutional values of non-discrimination

“I am hearing all sorts of things, some say Waruguru was with a tomboy. I was only with one man by the name of William Kiprotich Kiget, who is my husband and he is in a polygamous relationship, and not embarrassed about it. I am not embarrassed about it either,” she told a press conference.

Life has not always been fair to her which might explain her abrasiveness. Waruguru took up parental responsibilities early in life when her mother died. She attended Kanyama Secondary School in Mathira, Nyeri County (2003-2006), before enrolling herself at Karatina Institute of Theology in 2007 for a diploma course in theology

When she is not conjuring up the image of a lioness in a perpetual warpath, one who speaks with an aura of absolute finality, she is riling the Assembly Speaker with her selfies

“Please don’t take photographs in the Chamber, Member for Laikipia. That selfie you are talking of yourself and the Member for Nyandarua or you wanted to show the country that you were in the Chamber,” Muturi once told the MP who is fondly referred to as ‘Mrembo wa Laikipia’.

Then her marriage crumbled- and this would have remained behind the scenes were it not for the sharp-tongued Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria

Kuria claimed that the vocal female MP’s decision to rebel against Tanga Tanga was due to infidelity and family frustrations.

According to the MP, Waruguru’s started having troubles in her marriage after her husband reportedly requested DNA for their newborn baby.

The controversial Gatundu South MP added that the husband allegedly took off after realizing that the baby was not his and Waruguru reportedly resisting the tests.

“This is why Waruguru is ranting. She got a baby early this year. Her Rift Valley lawyer ‘husband’ was convinced the baby was his. At some point, he asked for a DNA test. The results proved that the baby was fathered by a business associate of the current Kirinyaga Governor. The lawyer took off,” Moses Kuria said in a Facebook post.

Well, it would seem that Madam supu is now allegedly cohabiting with the said Kirinyaga man who is a businessman

The man is identified as Mr. Peter Waweru is said to be the Kirinyaga County Chamber of Commerce Chairman who according to sources quoted by blogger Nyakundi has ditched his young family to chauffer Waruguru around

Ms. Waruguru reportedly threw him a post-graduation bash where the businessman’s wife children were not invited.

The source revealed that during his official graduation ceremony program prepared by the Woman Rep who also bankrolled the event, he dedicated the achievement only to his parents, not bothering to accord neither his wife nor their three kids a mention.

And last month, she had another oops moment when she was however hosted on Inooro TV.

Assuming that they were on a commercial break, the lawmaker ‘funguad roho’ for about seven minutes with the cameras rolling without her knowledge

Waruguru could be seen chatting on her phone while nonchalantly answering the questions with the host of the Breakfast show.

“Who are you chatting with?” the show host asked her when he noted she was not paying attention but she assured him that women can multitask.

She finally put her Phone aside after a couple of minutes and the host asked her about the seemingly crumbling handshake

“I do not lie because I am not a sycophant. Let me tell you the naked truth if Matiang’i is brought by the state to the field, he will fail,” she said and went ahead to warn President Uhuru Kenyatta against endorsing anyone stating that his preferred candidate would be thrashed at the ballot.

She then casually beckoned at the Cameraman,

“Can you tell me if the viewers are complaining about my dress being short?” she asked while slightly tucking her dress under the seat while the show host assured her no one had raised that issue.

Waruguru, also claimed Uhuru and Raila called leaders at night to rally them behind the document.

“BBI belongs to all of us even though we were being called at night to be asked to support it,” she said, adding,

“If you defend the government, it may come back to harm you. Chiefs, DCs, and DCCs should take care of the government. It cannot be that you are an MP and you are the one singing Uhuru’s praises from morning to evening,”

Right after the comment, she asked the host to give her a chance to speak about women’s representation when ‘they are back on air’. Imagine her face when she was informed that they have been on the air all that while


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