G.O.A.T Wives President Sarah Kabu to Undergo Fat Removing Surgery For 45th Birthday


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Self-acclaimed President of First Wives Sarah Kabu has bowed to pressure and is contemplating a liposuction surgery aimed at giving her a more palatable figure

Sarah, the other half of the celebrated Bonfire duo has never hidden her dislike for slay queens and second wives.

In June, Sarah said that she loathes Amber Ray’s hubby Jamal Roho Safi. In a since-deleted post on her Instagram stories, Sarah said she distastes him because of his approach to marriage.

“Please advise if there are some of your husband’s friends who give you shivers,” the fan wrote.

She replied that “I don’t like this guy. He has different values on marriage and public display,” and tagged Jimal In another deleted post, Sarah implied that she is worried he could negatively influence her hubby after they were spotted together.

“I am also very worried about this business friendship. Please pray for him, so he doesn’t get lost. Jamal declared to have gone round most slay queens in Nairobi,” she wrote.

The Bonfire Adventures boss Simon Kabu’s wife will soon be turning 45 and intends to do it better even as she ages. The mother of two has revealed that she will be giving herself one of the best gifts in her life.

In a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, Sarah said she is contemplating a liposuction surgery. According to the business lady, she will go under the knife for the procedure as her 45th birthday present.

“The best kids club ever goat wives we slay with these fake bikini or what?” a fan asked. In a quick rejoinder, Sarah said she really looks forward to rocking some especially after undergoing liposuction.

In May, she had a public altercation with Amber,

“Jabo Jabo, If no one has ever labeled you a Slayqueen … that means you have never dressed well or looked good,” Amber chided,

The statement prompted Sarah to join the conversation stating that she can’t compete with Ray when it comes to beauty and dressing, but when it comes to business, she beats her hands down.

“Hahaha Amber and Phoi when it comes to beauty and dressing hata hatuwezi bishana… nyinyi mko juu i would vote for you as the most beautiful and glamorous woman in Kenya. Lakini niki attend mkutano ya first ladies wa senators governors MPs and top CEOs all over kenya najua siwezi kosa kustand out vile mimi hu stand out kwa world travel awards but much love from #thekabus enjoy your life many slay queens are looking up to u… I respect lanes” wrote Sarah Kambu.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Amber Ray hit back, accusing Sarah of hopping from one Instagram page to the other commenting nonsensical stuff.

@sarahkabu Talking about standing out, indeed you are the most outstanding CEO wife on Instagram streets. Not minding your own business is your greatest strength. Out of all senators, governors, MPs, and CEOs’ wives, you are the most organized that’s why you have enough time to hope from one page to the other commenting nonsensical stuff. Cheers……. back to your lane madam CEO, as president of second wives you are not welcome here!” said Amber Ray.


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