Dumped by First Wife, Nakuru Doctor Could Not Stomach Losing 2nd Marriage


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The Nakuru-based obstetrician suspected of killing his two children by injecting them with insulin has died.

His death has been confirmed by Nakuru County Commander Beatrice Kiraguri who said that Dr. James Gakara died this morning while undergoing treatment at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

Gakara was suspected of killing his two children aged three and five, before attempting suicide over the weekend.

It has since emerged that Winnie Odhiambo, his wife, and mother of the two babies was a companion in his second marriage, the first one having failed. The doctor allegedly remarried after parting ways with his first wife. 

Reports alleged that the couple had differed on Odhiambo’s plans to relocate to the US. 

A source pleading unanimity revealed,

“The first wife deserted him and the second wife was planning to relocate to the US next month (October),” he stated, adding that the medic and the first wife failed to sire kids. 

Winnie scribbled an emotional message to the minors aged three and five years. 

“My heart is shattered; I failed to protect you my loves,” she wrote.

The distraught mother fingered her now demised husband, lamenting that he betrayed her trust and hurt her only offspring. 

“The person you trusted the most betrayed you my darlings, I promise to fight for justice for you; Go well my sweethearts.”

Neighbors speculate that Odhiambo had traveled to Nairobi to finalize her plans to travel to the US for further studies when the incident occurred. 

She had left the two babies in the hands of her doctor husband and their nanny.

Dr. Gakara was reported to have taken the house help and the babies out on Saturday afternoon, September 18, but returned with the babies only.

The nanny was alleged to have been sent on a short leave.

However, Gakara’s family has been adamant that the allegations against the doctor were malicious. Their assertions were buoyed by the fact that an autopsy report conducted to ascertain the death of the two minors was declared inconclusive. 

“The tragedy has been too much to bear for the family because my brother is such a humble person who rarely gets into conflicts with people. We are very shocked at what happened, we feel like it is a bad nightmare and we want the dream to end,” Mary Gakara, the doctor’s sister, told the media.