Court Told Of How Tecra Would Slap Omar While He Reiterated With Nasty Insults


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An inquest into the death of Keroche Heiress Tecra Muigai is ongoing and the revelations being churned by the witnesses borders pages of a Tyler Perry script

Until her demise, Tecra, a bubbly rebel who unlike her sister Anerlisa shunned the clicks for the sake of feeding public curiosity, was a Strategy and Innovation Director at Keroche Breweries Limited

It is after her untimely demise that her dating life hit the public like a thunderbolt. A young Billionaire heiress had found warmth in the arms of a 50-year-old coxswain with negligible education- a serial baby daddy but charmer par excellence with the ability to speak fluent Dutch, French, English, and Spanish

It has now emerged that the Lamu lover boy-Omar Lali- had threatened Tecra on two separate occasions; in Dar-es-Salaam and again in Lamu.

This according to the deceased’s driver and bodyguard in his testimony to the court.

Eric Cheruiyot, a former Kenya Defence Force Officer (KDF) officer, said for the nine months he worked for Tecra, the relationship was tumultuous at best

He said he witnessed many incidents of confrontation and that their relationship knew no peace.

Cheruiyot said he accompanied both Tecra and Lali on their tours to Nyeri, Meru, Nanyuki, Kisumu, and Lamu.

He said most of the times Lali would retreat to a solitary table then stay alone for many hours while Tecra would join his friends for business engagements which annoyed her lover.

At one time, the house help at Tecra’s Naivasha home found Lali crying in the morning with his luggage thrown outside.

“I asked the house help why Lali was crying then she told me he had been kicked out of the Naivasha residence of Tecra,” Cheruiyot testified.

The magistrate heard, Tecra once slapped Omar outside a Naivasha hotel when he had refused to board her vehicle to proceed to another hotel where she was to meet some friends.

“Tecra grabbed Mr Lali’s shirt and forced him to board their vehicle but he resisted. It’s then I heard Tecra unleash a heavy slap on Mr. Lali then he boarded the vehicle,” Cheruiyot recounted.

Cheruiyot testified that the late Ms Tecra and Omar hobnobbed various cities and towns partying and having fun but which ended up in serious confrontations.

In the Dar-es-salaam incident, senior principal magistrate Ms. Zainab Abdul heard that a nasty confrontation erupted after the blissful birthday party of  James Karanja.

“Tecra had asked me to accompany her to Dar to surprise her elder brother James Karanja during his birthday celebration. He was not expecting her,” Cheruiyot said.

Omar tagged along

After the party, her brother’s wife, Victoria warned Omar to leave Tecra and that he was too old for her

That statement enraged Omar who in return told Victoria (James girlfriend) ..”You and Cheruiyot are up to sinister motive.”

He then hurled nasty unprintable insults at Tecra.

Hot on the heels of those insults he threatened Cheruiyot by telling him “You do not know me, I will make disappear and your children will never see you again.”

Those threats coupled with the fact that Omar had made his working environment difficult by pocketing monies sent to Tecra for upkeep and for business ventures, Cheruiyot quit his job

“Tecra did not have an Mpesa number so her money was usually sent to me by her personal assistant Sarita Ikenye then I forward to Omar who never told her,” the magistrate heard.

Cheruiyot reported the financial issues to Tecra’s mother, Tabitha Muigai Karanja , before resigning in January 2020.

He had worked for Tecra between May 2019 and January 2020 but said he never interacted with her after quitting the job.

He said he learned of her death in April 2020.

The hearing continues.


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