Caroline Kagongo’s Suicide Note Leaks, Reveals Damning Details about Men She Killed


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It was a Shakespearean kind of end for Corporal Carolyne Chemutai Kagongo- unprecedented and tragic

After two weeks of suspense, fear, intrigues, speculations, fewer answers, and more questions; and with a multi-agency team formed to track her- Chemutai christened ‘killer cop’ decided to script her own end

The deceased’s body was found lying in her parents’ bathroom in Elgeyo Marakwet on Friday, July 16.

A Ceska pistol which was cocked with a magazine loaded with eight rounds of ammunition was found at the scene. Additionally, one used cartridge and one bullet head were also at the scene.

But legal minds and security experts aver there was more than met the eye

Criminal advocate Cliff Ombetta insisted that Kangogo did not commit suicide. He argued that the blood spatter would not have been at the front.

“Gun placed in hand (sic) unlike where it would be because of the recoil. Shows she was brought there and left to bleed,” Ombeta opined.

Chemutai is reported to have left a suicide note whose contents have leaked. In it, she issues instructions to her parents and brother.

In the chilling and perturbing note, she narrated her marital woes as well as sexual harassment by a senior police officer and how she wished to be interred.

To the brother, she was lucid and brief.

Hi bro, please take good care of my kids. Their father is allegedly too much into women because every visit to Mombasa they could vow we go together because daddy’s friends reportedly harass them by calling them names i.e his lovers. 

And there was a contradiction in her instructions on how she wanted to be interred because, at the beginning of the note, she asked to be buried clad in a wedding gown- “ that my husband could not afford.

Then she ostensibly asks her parents to cremate her remains, to save them stress.

To my parents, I am requesting my body to be cremated to end your suffering. Remember to take good care of my children. For the things in Kasarani, hire movers for safe delivery here. 

She asks her family to pick all her belongings from Nakuru’s Kasarani, as she had to start from nothing after the husband bailed on their marriage

Wait, it gets creepy. Carolyne wrote a text for her dead lover, Constable John Ongweno, and the family he left behind.

Ogweno was the first victim in the dual murder spree by Caroline. He was found murdered in cold blood, body slumped in his car in a police line in Nakuru.

She left the scene of the crime with his pistol and 13 rounds of ammunition. It is believed that she shot the police officer at point-blank range after a night of drinking.

“For you, my loved John Ogweno our love was made in heaven that is why since Monday a day after the incident you always embrace me with love, forgiveness, and a kiss, telling me it is well with your soul despite living in separate worlds. may our kids live in peace love forgiveness success n being God-fearing”

Caroline also apologized to Ogweno’s wife, Juliet.

“To Ogweno’s family sorry for letting you down. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I really feel for Juliet and the kids.”

She concluded the message with, “Sorry mama, I did not mean to.”

Then her tone changed, the remorse she portrayed to Ogweno’s family morphed into a cold purvey of vengeance when she began addressing Peter Njiru Ndigwa.

” I don’t owe anyone an apology. He conned me Sh1.5 million whereby Ksh300,000 I borrowed from my father’s retirement benefits…then he arrogantly tells me he isn’t paying and I even found him with a new Probox. Confirm with Corporal ***, she has the cheques issued by Ndigwa. I served him right. “

And she also confirmed everyone’s fears that indeed, she was battling mental health-related issues

Depression is real, please assist those you know. My divorce pushed me to be inhuman. My father disowned me due to a failed marriage. My husband was the first in calling my father and my brother to cover up his mistakes and they all fell into his trap. 

Since I met you, my husband, I have never known peace due to your mistreatments. Always chasing after women tortured me physically, mentally, and the likes of Peter Ndigwa. Since everything happened please take good care of our kids and don’t neglect them – as your first wife. Please don’t take advantage of love…current divorce 

From Tuesday, I was in Mombasa and always saw you being picked and dropped. I wanted to kill you but I sympathized with my kids. I forgave you. I hope you do the same. 

My husband dumped me for another woman so it means my parents will bury my body, my two plots kindly as written in divorce contact – RK.  

For my divorce, contact RK agencies for the second title because one title is in my house in Kasarani.

To Kenya Police, I went through stress as the Senior Police Officer put me through hell when I resisted sex. He couldn’t understand my son’s asthmatic condition and my ulcers and admissions to the hospital. I hope you are now happy.

With the little money, you get please pay brother chumbas full fees and rent because I was his hope so as to assist his parents and siblings. Kindly adhere to my instructions.

I am Caroline Chemutai. All the best. 

Also, let father manage everything because I trust and love him. I LOVE YOU ALL AND GOODBYE TILL WE MEET AGAIN.