Ayaya, Juliani Lays Siege on Fans Wondering How His ‘Looks’ Netted Lilian Ng’ang’a


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That he is a creative sage, eccentric and fun is no brainer. His songs like the timeless and sentimental ‘Utawala’ as well as his stage performance attest to the same

But when he wooed and netted former Machakos Governor, the beautiful- legged and pouty-lipped Lilian Ng’ang’a and whisked her away from Governor Mutua’s arms – Kenyans so a different side of him

Julius Otieno aka Juliani has not rested since.

And when he shared a selfie, a flood gate of negativity came tumbling down his comment section. But like a soldier, he waded them with hard-hitting wit

In the Instagram post, trolls went after Juliani, criticizing his looks, and wondering how he won the heart of Miss Ng’ang’a. 

The rapper has been receiving negative comments, and having had enough, oh boy brought a rifle with him to the trolls’ party- stopped them right on their tracks and shot them with bullets of reality

In the comments, one fan wrote;

“Nimeamini love is blind,” followed by laughter Emojis. 

Well, they say it is often the pot that is quick to label the kettle as sooty and so Juliani corked the gun and aimed it- sending the female fan’s ego and shallow esteem into smithereens

“I don’t usually do this. But I got a few minutes. I looked at your profiles. On a normal day, I wouldn’t even look at you twice. You can be better. Roho safi ndio urembo, filter haziezi fanya miracles,” he responded. 

Another fan commented that Juliani’s face was looking so dry. 

This one too got a dose of her own medicine, as Juliani responded;

“If I was to insult people on looks. Wewe na snowman mnavaa nguo same. Uzuri, Yo lucky I use the eyes of Christ. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Christ loves you just the way you are.” 

Oh, he had a message to these online urchins and nonentities who, if it was not the garbage they spew for attention on the posts of those already with a ‘profile,’, no one outside their families would know their second name

“I really feel sad for you. How small can you think of yourself? That you wake up to a stranger’s comments to be seen.

Before this post, no one here knew you existed. You are now seen. I pray you find healing in whatever inakusumbua. I pray you flourish in all you do.

You find love in your heart. You find Joy. Juu you must be really sad to truly put people down just to feel good about yourself.”

Way to go Juliani, Fwok em’ all!